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Final (!) homework assignment

Here’s your final homework assignment for the course:

Blog: You are wide open on this one, but here are a couple of ideas:

  • Are Aristotle and Nietzsche right when they say that morality is a quality of people, not of actions?
  • Is it unfair for Nietzsche to limit the power to create value to the « noble »?
  • Who is the most appealing (or the most unappealing, or the most provocative, or the most awesome) ethicist we’ve discussed throughout the semester?

As I said, the floor is yours: write about whatever you’d like (as long as it’s at least somewhat related to this class!). This is due Wednesday at midnight.

The very last day to submit work for the course is Saturday, December 13. All papers and make-up blog posts must be submitted by this time in order to count for your final grade. This is also the final day for submitting comments for the fourth and final blog grading period; you should have at least three comments between the period of 11/24 and 12/13.


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