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Homework for 11/25

Here’s your homework for Tuesday, November 25:

  • Blog about the question of who, precisely, is a party to the social contract. Can we rightfully say that the sovereign has made an agreement to give up some rights? How about a child? Or a person who, because of material limitations, cannot easily opt out of the contract by moving away? If these people are only parties to the contract in a limited way, is their subjectivity to moral judgment also limited? Due Sunday at midnight.
  • Read from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics: Book I section 7, and all of Book II.
  • The third blog grading period ends Sunday at midnight. Between 10/31 and 11/23, you must have posted at least five comments on others’ blogs, and posted five blog entries.
  • Finally, don’t forget that on Tuesday we will be looking at your tentative thesis statements for the second written assignment. Bring a copy of this tentative thesis – no more than a sentence or two – to class on Tuesday.

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