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Homework for 11/13

Here’s the assignment for Thursday, November 13:

  • On your blog, I want you to think back over Kant and Mill and do some broad decision making. Each theory has its own problems. If you had to choose one of the two theories based solely on which one had the least troubling problems, which would it be? Are you bothered more by the shortcomings of Mill – think about, for example, his judgment of someone who tries to give to charity but the money ends up going for bad things – or the shortcomings of Kant – for instance, his judgment on what you should do if there’s a murderer looking for your grandmother.
  • Read the section from Hobbes’s Leviathan in the Cahn/Markie book. Rachels’s chapter “The Idea of a Social Contract” will help you to get your mind around Hobbes’s theory.

Audio files can be downloaded by clicking here. I got a report from a student that the link hasn’t been working right for everyone; if you have problems accessing the files through this link, please let me know and I will try to diagnose the problem.


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  1. Hey Boone. Can you post the new blog assignment due for Sunday Nov. 16? Thanks

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Joe.


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