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Homework for 10/30

Read the First Section of Kant’s Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals in the Cahn anthology. Even if you’ve read it already, read it again.

Blog in response to the following question: Does happiness have any intrinsic value? You might answer this from Kant’s point of view (following the argument from the first few pages of the chapter), or from the point of view of Mill or you. Make sure, in any case, that you focus on the question of intrinsic value, i.e. value that is not dependent on relationships with any external entities – everyone agrees that happiness has some sort of value, after all. Due Wednesday at midnight.
This blogging period ends on Thursday at class time. By that point you should have five comments (since 9/24) and five entries. And if you’ve got posts to make up from the last blogging period, you should feel free to complete those as well for partial credit.


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