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In the blogs, 9/22/08

In the blogs today, September 22, 2008: I asked you to think about Mill’s position that some pleasures – the « higher » pleasures – are intrinsically better than others – the « lower » ones.

  • At 4:30,
    • Tom sums up the anti-Mill position quite clearly
    • Matt P., on the other hand, gives an example supporting the intuitive nature of Mill’s position
    • Gordon gives one independent reason for thinking that higher pleasures are better
    • Hannah has another, related reason
  • At 6:30,
    • Jeffersson gives a clear statement of why Mill sounds a bit stuffy
    • Justin has a novel reason for preferring the higher pleasures
    • David questions the coherence of separating the two kinds of pleasure – and the two kinds of pleasure-havers
    • Eric gestures in the direction of an argument against Mill

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  1. i just checked my blog and i realized that my post wasnt on my site and it had saved into drafts…. But i did hand it in sunday evening. Is there a way for you to check that?


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