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Homework for 9/23

For Tuesday,

  • Blog about Mill’s claim that some pleasures – the “higher”, mostly mental pleasures that are unique to humans – are better than others – the “lower”, physical, animal pleasures. Is he right about this? I urge you here to look at the argument that Mill gives for this, found mostly on pages 321 and 322. Post this blog entry by Sunday midnight.
  • No new reading assignment, but you should constantly be going back over the first half of the Mill. Each time you read it, you’ll understand twice as much.
  • Tuesday the 23rd marks the end of the first grading period for the blogs. What you need to know:
    1. You should have a total of five blog entries, including the one due Sunday midnight. You should make up those entries that you are missing in order to earn at least some credit for them; you can find all blog assignments by scrolling down my blog and looking for the “Homework for…” entries. (You might need to click “Previous Entries” at the bottom to see the older assignments.)
    2. You should have a total of five comments on other people’s blogs. Both these comments and the makeup blog entries are due Tuesday at class time.
    3. Grades for this blogging period will be emailed to you on Wednesday.

Audio files are up.


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