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In the blogs, 9/15/08

In the blogs today, September 15, 2008:

  • Section D – 4:30 was asked to think about whether a moral God also had to be a rational one:
    • Nilakshan says that God isn’t bound by our notions of sensibility
    • Emanuel suggests that God doesn’t have to be moral himself at all, as long as he can get the job done
    • Gordon argues that morality requires rationality because reasons are what we really judge, not actions
    • Becca makes a slightly different distinction: between performing a moral action and being a moral individual
  • Section G – 6:30 considered the effect of rejecting DCT on our notion of God:
    • Ken says that taking away God’s power to create morality strips him of his creative powers
    • Chiara thinks we would still have morality even without DCT
    • Monica sees an upside to rejecting DCT: no more « blind faith » justifications of heinous actions

Une réponse "

  1. There is a difference between performing a moral act and acting moral. Every individual has a conscience that tries to guide them towards morality, but not all individuals listen. God has given us that freedom of choice to follow our morals or not to. I believe in a moral God and that that in turn leads him to be rational. I do not think that God determines the paths that people follow nor do I think that he saves or kills. God is a spiritual being there to guide people in the right direction. If people veer off that is a reflection of their own beliefs. God is similar to a referee. He has control of things but is always fair no matter the situation. He cannot favor any single person nor punish them. He leaves individuals the choice to do what they like and let their actions have their own consequences. That is the true meaning of being rational.


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