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In the blogs, 9/11/08

In the blogs today, September 11, 2008:

  • At 4:30, students were asked to consider what ramifications it would have for religious belief if DCT were false.
    • Matt P. wonders: If DCT is false, what purpose is left God? Tori K. sums up the idea as well
    • Sara J. and Sebastian C. have a response to this concern
    • Brian S. points out one of the practical problems with accepting DCT
  • At 6:30, the question was whether God could, should, or would ever change his mind about moral value.
    • Waqar O. says that God would get things right the first time
    • Jeffersson C. suggests that people wouldn’t have much respect for a flip-flopping God
    • Matthew P. tries to reconcile the idea of perfection with the idea of changing one’s mind
    • Meredith C. says that the question of DCT might not have any practical significance for people as fallible as us

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  1. Commenting to Matt P, I think that God has many purposes and is meaningful in different ways to each individual. It is unfair to say that just because DCT is false that there is no purpose in God. It is important that one believes in God not that God is infallable and must always be right.


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