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Homework for 9/16

Here’s your homework for 9/16:

  • The blog assignments differ between the classes again today. If you’re in section D – 4:30, think about the following question: Can an irrational God, like the one I argued is necessitated by DCT, be moral? Section G – 6:30 should write on the effect of rejecting DCT on our notion of God – when you take away God’s power over morality, are you taking away something important?
  • Read Rachels’s chapter « The Utilitarian Approach » and the first few pages of Chapter Two of Mill’s Utilitarianism, through the paragraph that begins « I have dwelt on this point… ». Pages 320-323.


  1. the page numbers are 320-323

  2. Thanks, Aja. I was just about to post it myself!


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