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Update on textbook availability

I just got off the phone with the Hofstra bookstore and the woman on the phone assured me (with a chuckle, I might add) that the books are on the shelf and that there are plenty of copies. So if you are one of those people who ordered the book but never got it, or once looked for it at the bookstore but couldn’t find it, please try again. Maybe somebody could leave a comment on this entry confirming whether the books are actually there, so that others can feel reassured?

I’ll still be sending out the readings to those people who requested them sometime in the late afternoon today, if people still need them.

Update: I’ve been told by a student that the books are there but listed under section F. Can anyone confirm this debacle?



  1. Hey Prof. Gorges, I was at the bookstore on campus at around 8:30pm and they had Both Books available. But they are all brand new and cost an arm and a leg. The purchase was made on 9/03/2008.

  2. Thanks for the confirmation, Waqar. I am sorry that they cost an arm and a leg, but at least they’re available.


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